Michael Vachon

Naturally social. Interested in ventures, adventures, and misadventures.

A little about me…

In March 2006, I moved to the UK on little more than a whim for six months. Six and a half years later, and I have just been granted my Indefinite Leave to Remain and settle in the UK permanently. In that time, I have been a marketing assistant, a consultant, a project manager, a student, a partnerships manager, a graduate, and most recently, a founder.

My career began working with CRM systems and developed into managing a variety of management information systems for professional services firms. After four years of operations and project management, I decided to embark on a Full-Time MBA course at Manchester Business School to further develop my strategic skills.

I carried that interest in technology into the MBA and attended seminars, conferences, and every networking opportunity available in the London Technology Startup scene. I began to make a name for himself by showing a genuine interest in the people behind the city’s leading technology companies. and in the Summer of 2011, I had the fortunate opportunity to work for one of London’s leading startups, GroupSpaces. During my time there, I inherited the entrepreneurial spirit of this environment and was determined to start my own business upon graduation. My interest in technology and startups is only eclipsed by my love of a good drink and in turning my passion into a business, I recently founded a business, Ginuine Spirits, to import hand-crafted spirits from the US to the UK. I now supply some of the leading bars, restaurants, and hotels in London and continue to expand my portfolio to bring fascinating and unique spirits to market in the UK.

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